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Widescreen Broadcast Group are currently collaborating with Bigger Pictures to create an 8 part 3D TV documentary for Sky 3D and Sky Atlantic (a 2D version being screened in 5 parts in October) called, ‘Britain & Ireland from the Sky’. Described as ‘Peter Pan’s view of Britain’, it consists of beautiful and unique shots filmed all across Britain, with an equally unique soundtrack and modern take on the Isles. The breathtaking 3D shots that the Producers (Jason Shepherd and Darren Bender) and the Director (Julian Kemp) have managed to create are unlike any other, and will offer a whole new outlook to the history and beauty of Britain and Ireland. Using voiceovers from many big names including Alison Steadman, Michael Sheen, James Nesbitt and Ashley Jensen, the interestingly gripping script blends wonderfully with the shots to create a programme that we at Widescreen are very proud of.

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Widescreen Broadcast Group has recently collaborated with Bigger Pictures to produce the second of Sky 3D's new documentaries, 'Brian May's Brief History Of 3D'. Presented by rock legend and keen 3D enthusiast Brian May, the documentary looks into the progression and evolution of 3D through history, from the 1830's with the first stereoscopic viewer to the latest Hollywood 3D blockbusters.

The documentary interviews a variety of 3D pioneers from the past and present with some of the biggest names including:-

Bob Whitehall (Stereoscopic Supervisor - Pixar Animation)

James Cameron (Director - Avatar)

Jeffery Katzenberg (CEO - DreamWorks Animation)

Lee Unkrich (Director - Pixar's, Toy Story 3)

Phil "Captain 3D" McNally (Stereoscopic Supervisor - DreamWorks Animation)

Ray Zone (3D Historian)

Robert Zemeckis (Director - Polar Express)

Sir David Attenborough (Broadcaster)

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From the latest 3D feature films to pre 1900 never-seen-before Georges Méliès footage, including interviews by current pioneers of the 3D cinema. This ground-breaking documentary enthuses the audience on the progression of digital 3D from its early days to the 3D cinema we all love and enjoy today.


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