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Widescreen Productions has been a part of many events over the years using our different expertise in different areas to create the best and most entertaining events possible. Some of the events we have worked on during nearly 20 years include:-

World Music Awards

One of the main events Widescreen Productions has helped create for the past few years is the 'World Music Awards'. This is where singers and musicians from all over the globe are commended and praised for their music, no matter what the genre is. Over the years the World Music Awards has seen acts such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Bon Jovi and Will-I-Am.

Our role in the World Music Awards includes the overall production of the show, providing the stage and lighting designs as well as taking charge of the organising and filming of the show.

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NHS Innovation Expo

The NHS Innovation Expo, held at Excel London, is one of the largest healthcare events of its type in Europe and the biggest showcase of healthcare ideas ever seen in the United Kingdom. Bringing all the latest and visionary medical equipment together for the future of the NHS.

For the Expo, Widescreen Productions was in charge of the videoing and the technical production of the main arena using multiple cameras and our portable production unit to broadcast and stream live to viewers, as well as providing multiple screen feeds around the arena for the audience to watch.

We also erected two diary rooms in the arena, where the audience and spectators of the Expo could go and leave their thoughts about the Expo, and answer a set of questions which were included in the main edit.

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The Number One Project

The Number One Project was a large concert held in Liverpool, the European capital of culture 2008. It brought together 20 of Liverpool's most famous artists past and present to record and sing live some of their own versions of songs made by the city's artists.

For this event Widescreen Productions was involved in the screen production and television organisation of the event.


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