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Widescreen Productions has worked on a number of corporate shoots and productions from advertisement videos to shooting and producing business expos and training videos. Some of our corporate clients are:-

Hewlett-Packard (HP)

We were commissioned to make a 4 minute web commercial explaining 'why it is better to use HP ink cartridges. We had a long hard think about printing cartridges - they are very clever pieces of technology but our eyes did glaze over when they told us why! We thought the viewing public might think the same as us - so we turned the idea on its head. We decided to give them something fun to watch and weave the technology of print cartridges within the film. So we made a car film!


NHS Innovation Expo

Our client Shashamimi required 10 x 5 minute films for the Strategic Health Authority telling the stories of advanced medicine techniques around the UK. Each film was produced to be compelling and informative about these current ground-breaking doctors and facilities. We also produced, broadcast and web streamed live all of the key note speeches of the conference from the Excel Centre. We used state of the art HD portable production units with real time (EVS) editing for press release and broadcast news companies. HD video was distributed around the arena for exhibitors to use as product support with up to the minute graphics, showing all attendees where and when the next shows were taking place. We also provided an interactive customer feedback service for the organisers. Feedback and questions to guest speakers was also transmitted around the venue for all to see.


Whitbread Training Videos

Widecreen Productions was commissioned by the Braden Threadgold Agency to make a series of training videos for bar staff. The videos needed to show a series of possible encounters the new employees may face in day to day situations. The films were interactive and needed several possible endings to allow staff to learn and allow Whitbread's training department to make sure all new staff were trained to the highest standards.


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