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Widescreen Productions over the years has produced and filmed a number of 3D productions for different genres, both on large and small scales. Working for Europe's first 3D TV channel, Sky 3D.

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In 2007 Widescreen Productions worked with Liminal Effects to create the opening sequence graphic for, 'The Spirit Of O2'. Widescreen Productions was given the task to turn the original graphic into a 3D anaglyph version, as shown above.

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At the end of 2010 Widescreen Productions collaborated with Bigger Pictures, to produce two of the three main documentaries to launch Sky's new 3D channel; 'Sky 3D'. The first of which is, 'Britain & Ireland from The Sky'. The documentary was described as a 'Peter Pan' view of Britain and Ireland from the sky, taking a look into the landscape, cities, cultures and history that makes Britain and Ireland, as well as hearing from a variety of celebrities narrating the images and regions being shown.

The second 3D documentary commissioned by Sky is 'Brian May's Brief History of 3D'. The documentary follows Dr May as he goes back to his childhood fascination of 3D images and follows the rise, fall and progression of 3D. The documentary uses a variety of old anaglyph images, some never seen before, and new state of the art 3D images to accompany Dr May and his journey through 3D. Furthermore the documentary has interviewed some of the revolutionaries that make 3D what it is today. Some of the interviewees include; Robert Zemeckis (Director - Polar Express), Phil McNally (Stereoscopic Supervisor -DreamWorks Animation), Jeffery Katzenberg (CEO - DreamWorks Animation), Lee Unkrich (Director - Pixar's Toy Story 3) and James Cameron (Director - Avatar).


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